Sunday, December 21, 2008


WTF?! no.1
Tadi gw nonton Reality Show Termehek-mehek.. Itu loh, yang sore-sore host nya Cici Panda.. I know, I know, most of Indonesian reality shows are kinda lame,, tapi lumayan lah,, buat bahan ketawaan bareng temen-temen. ;) Anyway, episode tadi itu ceritanya ada istri yang nyariin suaminya yang menghilang.. Gatau deh itu pada akting apa 'reality' beneran. Tapi tau ga sih, ujung-ujungnya nyambung ke perempuan lain, tagihan utang, ampe perdagangan organ segala. Busyet.

WTF?! no.2
Minggu lalu ada salah satu dosen kebidanan & kandungan lagi ngajar. Di tengah-tengah kuliah dia dapet telvon, trus mukanya langsung pucet gitu. "Bayinya pasien saya barusan meninggal.." katanya. Tau ngga meninggalnya kenapa? Si bayi lagi disusuin sama ibunya, trus si ibu ketiduran.. Bangun-bangun bayinya udah biru, ngga bisa napas karna kegencet payudara ibunya. Sumpah yaa... horor abis.

WTF?! no.3
Barusan diceritain Kak Odie *kayaknya dia baca di koran*.. Ada karyawan alfamart ngebunuh pacarnya karna pacarnya hamil. The craziest thing is, untuk nyembunyiin mayatnya di luar kota, si mas ini ngebonceng mayat pacarnya pake motor! Mayatnya diiket pake tali ke badan dia gitu selama perjalanan beberapa jam keluar kota Semarang. oh my God.

Kesimpulannya : I think we live in a sick, sick world.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Food Court Musicals

I love musicals. Annie, Jesus Christ Superstar, Moulin Rouge, Sweeney Todd, Phantom of The Opera, just to name a few.

But this one is hilariously weird. True, the notes're not perfectly pitched.. but i think they're creative as hell. ImprovEverywhere rocks! Tinggal nunggu dijiplak ama tv Indonesia aja. hehe =P


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Girl in The Movie

This conversation happened a few months ago.

Mas Odie : "Tes, kamu udah pernah nonton In the Land of Women blom?"
Gw : "Oh, filmnya Adam Brody ya? Blom nonton.. Bagus ngga Mas?"
Mas Odie : "Lumayan. Yang jadi cewenya di film itu mirip banget ama kamu lho Tes!!"
Gw : "Oyah? Pinjem dong, Mas, dvdnyaa...."

And so, out of curiosity, I watched the movie that night.
My reaction was, Heeeeh??? Apanya yang mirip ama gw?? Cewe rebel bermata sendu gitu??

Gw : "Mirip darimananya sih Mas??"
Mas Odie : "Mirip kok! Mukanya, gaya-gayanya, bungkuknya.."

Okay, I admit the bungkuk part was kinda true. But still! Ngga mirip ah!! Pokonya gw ngga terima....

Until now, about 6 months later, when I found out that the girl in the movie is currently the new Hollywood It Girl. Yup. She's Kristen Stewart from the most-anticipated movie this winter, Twilight.

So, yeah.. skarang gw ngga akan protes sih kalo disamain ama Mbak Bella Swan ini.. tapi tetep, gw ngga ngerasa mirip ah! =P

But I do wish I'm gonna be as successful as she is. Amiin. :)


Friday, November 28, 2008


Just got home from my first Saman rehearsal. Turns out I'm not as bad as I thought. Hehe. I'm pretty good, actually. Thank God my mom&dad gave me the fast-learner gene. ;)

But as you all probably know, I'm not actually a dancer. I usually suck at dancing! ahaha.

But I love art, any kinds of art! Especially the Saman dance.
And when it comes to performing on campus events.. well, let's just say I love being on the stage! *narsis mode always on. =P

Anyway, the best part of the Saman dance is..... singing those beautiful Aceh songs! Oh my. I'm in love with their language! I'm in love with every note! Sigh. :)

Oh, and I'll be choir-ing (is that even a word? ^^) too next week. What else what else? Oh right, my Research for the Final Assignment (a.k.a Karya Ilmiah).. Ooooh when I think about it my heart beats excitedly faster and faster and faster!! In a good way, of course. :)
And finally.. You know what, I spent a lot of money for my tickets to jakarta earlier this week.. But hey, it's the end of the month and I still manage to save almost 1/2 of my allowance this month! YIHAAA again.

Okay. Enough. I always get too excited when I have plenty of things on my to-do list. :D

Have A Nice Weekend!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

That Special Someone in My Heart.

I miss him, day by day. It's like everywhere I go I saw him and his smilling face. Some people made efforts to make me laugh (^^thank you oh so much), some of them sat there silently and lend me their shoulder, some of them told me to let it go.

well, I haven't.
I probably never will.
I dunno.

This is worst than any break-ups. Hehehe. =P

I'm okay, though, I really am. I just think about him a lot.

About the way we used to live under the same roof 4 years ago. About our last conversation. About the way he inspired me in many many ways.

"If you have good intentions in your heart, nothing could ever harm you. So be a kind person, and be brave." he once said.

His name was dr. Sumarsono Sastrowardoyo, Sp.U.
(March 5th 1922 - November 23rd 2008)
click here for his facebook.

Until we meet again, Eyang Bapak. :)


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Today is one of the days when I thank God for my strangely awesome life.

yessh ladies and gentlemen,

despite the fact that I got laryngitis since last week,

i'm currently feeling blessed. :)) but i'm not gonna tell you why. =P


1. A few days ago, gw kuliah Bedah.. Dosennya charming!! But he's not the one I've told you about earlier.
*I guess I kinda have a thing for young Surgeons... It's probably the slight of arrogance in their eyes. Dunno*
Ternyata Erien juga mengganggap si dosen itu oke punya..... until this morning, when we learned that he already got two wives at home.
Il-feel mode: ON.
Oh well. ^^

2. If you ever plan on having a romantic dinner at Semarang, I recommend an all-you-can-eat restaurant called Uwos. Located at Gombel, the upper side of Semarang, it has the city light view and a very nice environment. *gila udah kayak ambassador nya uwos aja gw* x)

3. I finally watch this! Love it. *sial gw pake nangis segala* hey kmu, terimakasih yah!

4. KI. KI. KI is stuck in my head. But I'm excited, honestly. :)

5. Tadi ada polling angkatan, and I'm surprised by the fact that there are 2 people who voted me 'terjorok'. hahaha. Those 2 votes came from 2 of my bestfriends, who obviously been into my messy messy room and knew that I only shower 1 time a day. Hehehe.

6. Oh, and I also recommend Nasi Kuning, Pastel Macaroni, and Jus Mangga at RS Karyadi's Emergency Room. Seriously, they're the best. Sluurps.

Nighty Night!


Sunday, November 9, 2008


This is kinda embarrassing.
I can't believe he uploaded this video.
(no, boys, it's not a sex tape. =P)

Seriously. I'd do a re-take if I had known he'd upload it!

silakan tertawa, dihina, dilempar tomat, apapun lah, i want honest opinions. hahaha.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things Worth Mentioning.

Lagi baca ini.

Lagi nyanyinyanyi lagu ini mulu (maaf ya tementemen kosan, ada polusi suara =P).

Therefore gw lagi terkagum-kagum sama mbak jenius yang satu ini.

"Lagi suka lagu itu ya? Hayooo.. Jangan-jangan itu curhatan kamu ya Tes?"

"Hmm.. Ngga lah, gw kan cemerlang & rupawan."




Monday, October 20, 2008

the dr.Charming Story

Gw abis dari dokter.
Gw abis dari dokter yang nyenengin banget.
Cowo, masih muda, trus charming gitu. Ahahay.

Pertama-tama dia nanya ada apa, trus gw jawab ada benjolan di dahi gw, "Kirain jerawat, tapi kok.. bukan kayak jerawat...."
Dr.Charming senyum, "Trus kayak apa?" katanya.
Ya mana gw tau.
"Hmm.. Ga tau.. " kata gw pasrah.
Dia megang-megang dahi gw. "Oooh.. ini sih atherom."
Gw membeo, "Atherom?"
"Kamu kuliahnya apa? Kedokteran kan?"
ih kok tau.
"Iyah" kata gw.
Lalu dia cerita panjang lebar soal atherom, ampe digambar segala. Singkatnya benjolan itu terbentuk dari keringet dan minyak yang nyampur di bawah kulit gw. Gw nanya-nanya, dia jawab-jawab. Dia megang-megang lagi (catet, dahi, bukan yang laen). Trus cerita lagi.
"Tapi," kata gw, "Ini bukan.. neoplasma, atau apa gitu kan?"
Gw mulai takut si dr.Charming bete karna gw nanya-nanya mulu,
but instead, dia malah nyengir jahil, trus balik nanya,"Coba, emang neoplasma itu apa?"
Gw menjawab seperti yang gw tau.
Masih nyengir jahil, dr.Charming nanya lagi, "Kalo tumor?"
Gw menjawab seperti yang gw tau.
Buset. Ujian oncology ni ceritanya. =P

Anyway, intinya menurut dia, 90% it's an atherom.
Gw pulang dengan hati tenang.
At least bukan yang aneh-aneh lah. Dan at least bukan jerawat juga, masa udah mahal-mahal ke dokter spesialis obatnya Veril antiAcne? =P

God. Someday, gw mau jadi dokter yang charming juga ah. :)


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thank You For The Music

This is
Lama Kunanti
Dr. Bram's Project feat. Matthew Sayersz

Uncle Bram's one of my dad's good friends, and the lyrics were made by Auntie Nondy, my Mom's youngest sister.. so yeah, the first time we heard the song on the radio we went "ohmyGod-ohmyGod turn the volume up!!!" =P

also currently stuck in my head:
Thank You For The Music by Amanda Seyfried
and (still) Sahabat Kecil by Ipang.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quick Report


Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Propensity for Insanity

Do you have any mental disorder?


Are you sure?

Because I always think I'm pretty sane... until I went to dr. Fitri's psychiatry class last week.

Personality disorder (gangguan kepribadian) is classified into 12 basic types. (note : It is possible for someone to have more than one type)

1. Paranoid
suka curiga, gampang tersinggung, sering bersikap memusuhi
2. Skizoid
suka melakukan segalanya sendiri, gangguan berinteraksi, ekspresi datar, menutup diri, tidak ingin terlibat dengan masalah orang lain
3. Skizoipal
aneh & asing, punya keyakinan2 aneh, suka hal-hal magis & mistis
4. Ambang
mood ngga stabil, emosi naik turun
5. Antisosial
susah mematuhi norma sosial (misalnya suka bohong, bolos, bertengkar..)
6. Narsistik
merasa dirinya selalu paling bagus, sombong, tidak empati, merasa iri atau merasa orang lain iri padanya
7. Histerionik
sering mendramatisasi, cari perhatian
8. Obsesive Kompulsive
perfeksionis, setia sama pekerjaannya, mengabaikan waktu luang, berhati-hati & teliti berlebihan, tidak bisa meninggalkan satu tugas demi tugas lain
9. Menghindar
ingin berteman tapi malu, sering takut ditolak/dikritik/dicela/dipermalukan
10. Dependen / Astenik
ga bisa mandiri, menghindari tanggung jawab
11. Pasive Agresive
ga percaya diri, pesimis, tapi situasi tertentu bisa jadi agresif
12. Explosive
bertindak kekerasan tanpa sebab, lalu diikuti penyesalan

I kept on thinking "Oh man, yang itu kayaknya gw banget deh!" during the lesson. And then Adit, who sat next to me whispered, "Duh, Tes, kok gangguan kepribadianku banyak ya?" and then almost all of my friends were saying the same thing about themselves. Asiik. At least gw ngga gila sendirian. hehe.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Snooze Button


I skipped class today.

Yahaha.This is the second time on this semester. Hari yang sama. Mata kuliah yang sama. Alasan yang sama : telat bangun. hehehe. Adzan Subuh was on 4.15, it took me about 10 minutes to do the Subuh prayer and curl beneath my blanket again.
As always, my cell phone alarm went on at 5.45. I pressed the snooze button, of course. big mistake. now it's 7.28 and i'm still on my bed. :P

The class starts at 7, tapi dari dulu emang gw paling ngga suka dateng telat. Soalnya kalo awal kuliahnya ngga denger, pasti lebih susah untuk ngerti the rest of the lesson. Not to mention dapet duduk paling belakang dan butuh akomodasi mata maksimal untuk ngeliat slide dosennya. Mending ngga masuk sekalian. Puter rekaman suara dosen, pasang slide show, trus kuliah sendiri di kamar. God I love technology. :)

Have a nice day!


Sunday, September 14, 2008


Ada yang tau film Jepang berjudul Be With You?

Gw blum pernah nonton, tapi katanya sih, saking bagusnya, Warner Bros mau bikin remake nya tahun depan, starring Jennifer Garner as one of the main character.

Kalo ada yang punya filmnya, gw pinjem dooong. x)

Diputer di Celestial Channel sih, cuma sayang di kosan gw ga ada. Nyari di Internet, and all I got was it's soundtrack. Lumayan sih. :)

This is Hana by Orange Range. Enjoy!

Gara-gara kmaren Da ngomongin film ini terus, gw jadi penasaran mampus. Tanggung jawab kamu, cariin aku DVD nya! hahaha.


Hate Is Easy, Love Is Courage*

Namanya Ika Natassa, dan dia udah nerbitin 2 buku : A Very Yuppy Wedding dan Divortiare.

Asli, Divortiare bagus banget. Ceritanya tentang Alexandra, a 29 years old workaholic yang successful, living a fabulous life tapi udah jadi janda. Sejak cerai 2 tahun yang lalu, dia jadi percaya bahwa kita cuma bisa disakitin sama orang yang kita sayang, jadi Alexandra memilih untuk menutup hatinya. Selanjutnya? Baca sendiri ya. Pokonya baca buku ini kayak naik rollercoaster : seru, ga pengen berhenti, sesaat bikin ketawa, sesaat bikin terharu, dan ending nya pol banget.

Buku yang satu lagi A Very Yuppy Wedding, baru gw baca kmaren. Si Melon merekomendasikan buku ini ke gw dan ternyata bagus! Menurut gw AVYW lebih romantis dan kadar mengharukannya lebih banyak.

Sekilas gaya berceritanya mirip Confessions of a Shopaholic. So if u love Sophie Kinsella (like moi), you'll love Ika Natassa . ;)


*taken from Ika Natassa's Divortiare.

"Mama, dari mana datangnya bayi?"

Kalo anak gw ntar nanya kayak gitu, gw akan jawab,

"Dari ovum dan sperma, sayang.
Begini ceritanya,

kalo kata dr. Besari, Sp.OG..

setiap bulan ovum (sel telur) berjalan keluar dari ovarium, menuju ke tuba Fallopii. Ngapain dia di situ? Dia menunggu pangerannya, si sperma. Jangan salah, ovum ini cantik banget loh, buktinya ada ratusan ribu sperma yang berlomba-lomba untuk nyampe duluan ke tuba Fallopii untuk mempersunting ovum.

Pertemuan ovum dan the lucky sperma di Tuba ini namanya konsepsi (itulah kenapa alat yang dipake untuk mencegah pertemuan ovum & sperma tuh namanya kontra-sepsi, Nak.) Nah, ovum & sperma ini jadi satu zigot. Setelah terjadi konsepsi, zigot ini akan jalan (dibantu oleh bulu-bulu cilia milik tuba) ke dinding rahim (nama kerennya Uterus), menempel dan selanjutnya tumbuh di situ. Rahim ikut bertambah besar seiring pertumbuhan si janin.

Gimana kalo zigot ngga berhasil sampai ke dinding rahim, malah menetap di tuba? Itulah yang namanya hamil di luar kandungan. Karna tuba -ga seperti rahim- tidak diciptakan untuk menampung janin, maka suatu hari dia bisa sobek kalo ada janin di situ. Terjadilah perdarahan di dalem panggul.

Hati-hati ya, buat cewe-cewe, jangan suka pijet-pijet perut sembarangan. apalagi dipukul-pukul. Karna itu ngaruh, bisa ngerusak cilia yang ada di tuba, atau bahkan tuba nya kepeluntir. Akibatnya ya bisa itu tadi. Serem yah.

Yak lanjut. Kalo orang hamil yang normal, pada 3 bulan pertama, rahim bakal membesar di panggul dan mendesak kandung kemih yang berada tepat di depannya! Itulah kenapa orang hamil trimester pertama sering pengen pipis mulu. Bisa sampe 3x per 1-2 jam.
Setelah itu, 3 bulan berikutnya, rahim bakal membesar ke arah perut, jadi ngga mendesak kandung kemih lagi. Pipisnya normal pas trimester kedua.
Nah, baru deh, pas 3 bulan terakhir, rahim makin besar dan besar dan besar, sampe ada bagian yang mendesak lagi, jadi pengen pipis terus lagi deh.

Terus, selain mendesak ke depan, rahim juga kadang mendesak ke belakang, alias ke arah usus besar. Akibatnya, ibu hamil jadi 'rasa-rasanya-pengen-pup-tapi-ngga-ada-isinya' gitu. Makanya si ibu hamil harus mobile, banyak gerak, supaya posisi rahimnya ngga terus-terusan neken usus besar.

Tentang Berat Badan.

Again, menurut dr. Besari, Sp.OG sepupunya Manda (hehe, iseng Mand, bawa2 nama lo ^^),
BB ibu hamil ga boleh naik lebih dari 2 kg/bulan.
BB ibu hamil ga boleh naik lebih dari 22 kg/ 128 hari
dan selama hamil, BB nya harus naik minimal 8kg.

Itulah, Nak, sekilas tentang darimana datangnya bayi." :)


Saturday, September 13, 2008


Salah satu pertanyaan yang paling sering gw denger dari temen-temen di luar fakultas gw adalah, "Sebenernya Tumor tuh apa sih Tes?"

Well, jujur aja, gw pun baru bener-bener ngerti yang dimaksud tumor, kanker dst itu pas semester 4. Dodol yah. hehe.

Anyway, kuliah Ilmu Bedah beberapa hari yang lalu memaksa gw mere-call pengetahuan2 tentang kanker (bahasa kerennya oncology) jaman setaun yang lalu itu.

Tumor. Secara kamus, artinya pembesaran. Jadi sebenernya kalo kepala gw kejedot pintu trus bengkak, itu juga namanya tumor. Tapi di masyarakat, istilah tumor sering langsung disambungin sama keganasan.

Padahal nama aslinya adalah Neoplasia. Neo = baru. Plasia = mall. (eh itu mah plaza yah. hehe garing.) ngga deng, plasia = pertumbuhan (ndak yoo? agak sotoy). Jadi neoplasia itu pertumbuhan sel sel baru, yang sifatnya berlebihan dan ngga terkendali. Kalo kamu pernah denger istilah 'ada daging tumbuh', itulah si neoplasma.

Kenapa bisa gitu? Well, normally, di dalam sel-sel kita itu ada gen, yang fungsinya untuk ngatur-ngatur. Ibaratnya gen ini tuh Bos nya lah. Kalo dia bilang bikin, ya bikin. Kalo dia bilang stop, ya stop. Normally lagi, gen yang nyuruh 'bikin' dan 'stop' ini, kerjanya seimbang.

Gmana kalo ga normal? Ya jadi berlebihan : sel-sel tubuh jadi diperintah sama si gen untuk bikin, bikin, bikin dan bikin lagi sel -sel baru. Sel-sel baru yang sebenernya ga diperluin ini, bisa mendesak sel-sel yang sehat, jadinya sel yang sehat ga bisa kerja dengan baik. Sel yang baru juga bisa pindah ke organ lain (nama kerennya metastasis). Biasanya yang bisa metastasis itu neoplasma yang ganas.

Oyah lupa bilang, neoplasma dibagi jadi 2 : jinak dan ganas. Bedanya apa? Kalo jinak, dia biasanya punya kapsul, jadi tumbuhnya expansif, lebih gampang diambil pas pembedahan. Karna lebih gampang diambil, jadi yang jinak lebih jarang kambuh. Yang jinak juga jarang metastasis.

Kalo ganas, biasanya ga punya kapsul, jadi tumbuhnya infiltratif (dia tumbuh di sela-sela sel-sel yang sehat), akibatnya lebih susah diambil, akibatnya kadang ada yang tersisa dan bikin kambuh.
Kalo yang gw tangkep sih, istilah 'kanker' yang dipake secara umum skarang tuh maksudnya neoplasma yang ganas itu.

Dr. Benny Issakh, Sp.B.Onk bercerita...

Sampe sekarang blum ada yang tau pastinya penyebab kanker (makanya blom ada obatnya). Oke, penyebabnya adalah gen yang berubah, tapi apa yang bikin dia berubah?

Yang baru kita tahu adalah faktor-faktor pencetus :
Biologik (misal virus Human Papilloma bisa bikin kanker leher rahim), Fisik (sinar UV, sinar X), Hormonal, Genetik, Iritasi yang kronis (misal merokok bertahun-tahun), dll...

intinya sih itu semua bisa membantu perubahan gen. Disebut zat-zat karsinogenik.

Jadi, untuk menghindari kanker, kita mesti menghindari faktor-faktor itu. Okay? :)

Maap kalo kurang lengkap, ngantuk gw. hehe.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

I've packed already.
A suit case full of memories.

Just need to shut it close.
For good.
For better or for worse.

But I'm waiting
For the right time,

the right day,
to throw it all away

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gigiku sayang, gigiku malang..

Bermasalah dengan gigi kuning?


Makanya tadi gw semangat banget pas kuliah pertama Ilmu Kesehatan Gigi & Mulut,

Kata drg. Santi..

Ada bagian gigi yang namanya Enamel, Dentin, dan Rongga Pulpa.

Enamel, bagian paling luar, tuh sebenernya ga berwarna, transluscent. Sementara si Dentin warna nya kuning, dan Rongga Pulpa warnanya kebiruan. Waktu masih kecil, rongga pulpa ini luas, sedangkan pas udah gede menyempit karna Dentin nya bertambah.

Makanya anak kecil warna giginya putih kebiruan! (emang iya? coba dicek di gigi adek-adeknya yaa)

Berarti... Semakin tipis Enamel, semakin kuning gigi kita!

Trus, kata Bu santi lagi, Enamel tuh gampang larut dalem asam. Jadii.. jangan suka kemakan iklan ya (kayak gw)! Kalo ada produk-produk pemutih gigi gitu, coba dicek kadar asamnya.

Yak lanjut lagi. Sebenernya gigi kuning tuh ada 2 faktor ; internal dan external.
Kalo faktornya external, misal karna rokok, teh, kopi atau makanan tertentu, ya masih bisa jadi putih.
Tapi kalo internal, alias bawaan orok, ya mau diapain juga ga bisa putih.

Kalo kata Bu Santi, "Sama aja kayak kalian yang kulitnya item sama yang kulitnya putih. Kalo emang aslinya item, mau mandi susu ampe kapan juga ngga akan jadi putih!"

Yaah. Jadi gmana dong Bu? "Kalo mau," kata Bu Santi. "Cat item aja muka kamu biar giginya keliatan putih."


Tentang si Gigi Geraham Bungsu

Si bungsu yang nama lainnya Molar 3 (geraham ke 3) ini, bakal tumbuh pas umur kita 17 tahun ke atas. Biasanya pas mau tumbuh gusi nya gatel-gatel (katanya. Gw sih belum pernah.. hehe)

Ada ceritanya nih..
Kata Bu Santi,
Jamannya Pithecantrophus erectus dulu, gigi geraham manusia tuh ada 16.
Trus, jaman nenek buyut kita, gigi geraham manusia berkurang jadi 12.
Nah, jamannya si ibu Santi, udah mulai banyak gigi geraham bungsu yang ngga mau turun (nama kerennya impaksi. Biasanya di-operasi trus giginya diambil)
Jaman kita.. lebih banyak lagi kasus impaksi.
Jadi mungkin, jaman anak cucu nya cicit buyut kita, manusia berevolusi menjadi cuma bergigi 2.

Ngga deng. Lebay parah ya, hahaha..

Kenapa bisa gitu? Biasanya sih karna rahang nya terlalu sempit. Rahang bisa terlalu sempit, terutama kalo dari kecil kita jarang ngunyah. Makanya kalo makan dikunyah dulu, hal kecil kayak gini ngaruh loh, because we're part of the evolution! ;)

Oyah 1 lagi, konon katanya, plak di gigi tuh mulai terbentuk 10 menit setelah makan lho!

NEXT EPISODE : Karies & Pencegahannya, dan CARA MEMILIH PASTA GIGI YANG BAIK. Yihaaa. Can't wait! :D

It's raining, so I guess summer's finally over.
It's been the gloomiest one, honestly.
So just pour some rain on me and I'll be okay.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Puasa Ga Puasa, Tetep Aja...

Kuliah pertama Ilmu Kebidanan & Kandungan..

dosen gw : "yak.. ini saya punya soal.. silakan diliat.."

Kita semua ngeliat ke slide dia daan..


A. [foto cewek pake bikini dengan posisi super menantang]
B. [foto cewek pake bikini dengan posisi hyper menantang]
C. [foto cewek pake bikini dengan posisi ultra menantang]
D. [foto cewek pake bikini dengan posisi mega menantang]
E. Bukan salah satu di atas.



Kuliah pertama Ilmu Forensik..

dosen gw : "Saya punya pertanyaan, kalo misalnya kamu (nunjuk temen gw yang cowo)... diperkosa Luna Maya, apa yang akan kamu lakukan?

1. Lapor polisi
2. Istighfar
3. Istighfar sambil menikmati
4. Minta lagi
believe it or not, temen gw itu milih nomer 1. hahaha. Si dosen nunjuk 2 orang lain, yang dengan jujur menjawab nomer 3 dan 4. lucunya cowo-cowo yang ditunjuk itu termasuk yang terkenal alim-alim gitu. hehe.

honestly skarang gw lupa inti pertanyaan itu apa, dan apa hubungannya dengan ilmu forensik. xP


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

haiyaah.. i've been tagged xP

1) What is the most important thing in your life?
the people i love

2) What is the last thing that you bought with your own money?
buku Interna. Langsung abis gaji gw! hahah.

3) Where do you wish to get married?
on a beach with the sunset. on the rooftop of a building. on a boat with the stars above. i dunno. can't decide, really.

4) How old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?

5) Are you in love?
yes? no? maybe. ;)

6) Where was the last restaurant you had dinner?
a Thai restaurant called... Jitlada? well i honestly dunno how to spell it. hihi

7) Name the latest book that you bought?
read no.2

8) What is your full name?
Tessa H. A Sastrowardoyo

9) Do you prefer your mother or father?
yikes. stupid question.

10) Name a person that you really wish to meet in real life for the first time.
Queen Rania of Jordan.

11) Christina or Britney?
can i have Mariah instead?

12) Do you do your own laundry?
my undies only.

13) The most exciting place you want to go?

14) Hugs or kisses?
both, please. :)

15)8 things I am passionate about:
a) Him
b) music
c) medical things
d) French
e) singing
f) movies
g) novels
h) photography

16)8 things I say too often:
a) oMyGod!
b) hahahahaha....
c) serius?
d) yauda...
e) makasih yaa :)
f) hmmmm...
g) eh tau ga sih..
h) eww

17)8 books I've read recently:
a) Laskar Pelangi
b) La Tahzan
c) Seventeen Magazine
d) Buku kuliah Mata
e) My diary
f) The Knockout Makers
g) Koran SinDo
h) the Holy Qur'an *gaya dikit boleh dong. haha*

18)8 songs I could listen to over and over again:
waa... i have THOUSANDs of favourite songs! xP

19)8 things I learned last year:
a) the best things in life are freakin free!
b) with great power comes great responsibility.
c) seneng-seneng mulu + ga blajar = E. seriously i learned my lesson.
d) i am never alone. never was, never will be.
e) start NOW.
f) oh my. he really loves me.
g) what goes around comes around eventually. seriously.
h) i don't believe in marriage.

20) Tag 8 people :
a) Kak Surya
b) Kak Kamil
c) Kak Huda
d) Lita
e) Oche
f) Erien
g) Gitta
h) Vivien

Sunday, August 31, 2008

countdown to September.

I'm currently listening to this Japanese band called Depapepe. Their songs are simply beautiful.

And these are the movies that I've watched these past few days :
1. Vantage Point (so-so. but worth watching)
2. Kung Fu Panda (entertaining enough.. hihi)
3. Definitely. Maybe (yeah.. i start watching romantic comedies again =P this one's good, though. i love the twisted story, and u could never resist Abigail Breslin's smile =) )
4. The Other Boleyn Girl (bagus! gw jarang suka a-long-long-time-ago-in-England kind of movie, but this one's powerful.)
5. How I Met Your Mother season 2 (okay, it's a tv series actually. Lucu. Mirip-mirip friends gitu sih, nontonnya bikin ketagihan.. must. buy. season 3.)
6. The Simple Life season 5 (laugh all u want, i don't care. i always love N&P =) )
7. Fool's Gold (abis nonton Definitely, Maybe, duo Hudson-McConaughey ini jadi ga ada apa-apanya.. hehe)
8. Star Wars (yaaah jangan dibandingin sama yang bukan kartun deh ya.. )

By the way, I can't wait for September to start! First of all, it's the beginning of my 7th semester! I miss my friends, I miss rebutan duduk paling depan pas di kelas (u heard me right : entah knapa sejak smester lalu, angkatan gw smangat blajarnya menggila), I miss my seniors, my juniors, everybody! tomorrow's the first day and I'm pretty excited x)
Reason no.2, gw (dan 29 orang teman-teman gw yang lain, i guess) udah nungguin majalah Seventeen Indonesia bulan ini. hehe.
and last but not least.. it's Ramadhan.

Happy fasting.


Monday, August 4, 2008

The End of The Fairy Tale

Yes, dear friends, we have ended our almost 4 years relationship.

Once upon a day,
we spent the day laughing, talking, kissing, reading comic books and eating ice creams… and then, that peculiar night, something hit us. Kayak kesamber petir di siang bolong : Bikin bengong, kaget, dan.. yeah well, sakit bo! Hehehe.

How can you be 100% sure when you’re throwing away your dreams and plans? You can’t. I wasn’t sure and it wasn't easy, but honestly I know it is what I need.

It took us hours of talks and days of thinking until we finally end it. In the end, kita mengobrol dan tertawa dan bakal tetep ngejaga hubungan baik. And it felt pretty good.

During those days, I talked to my parent and best friends. As always, they’re very supportive. I love you guys! Trimakasih udah jungkir balik ngedengerin, nyaranin macem2, berusaha bikin aku ketawa, dan bikin aku mau makan! Hahaha.
(Sthie, gw beneran beli tuh es krim 1 liter!! Haha)
(Bapak, thank you for cheering me up by lending me Mom's ATM card.. hehehe)

i love You (You know who You are)… thank You, for listening.

And for you… aku sayang sama kamu, Yudavedito. Thank u for loving me, protecting me, wanting me, missing me, waiting for me… and most of the time bikin aku ngerasa jadi cewe paling happy sedunia *lebay, hahaha. Ngga deng, beneran kok. :) Ngga nyangka ya, ending nya begini? Ya, kalo dari dulu udah tau endingnya, film nya ga seru lagi dong! Hehehe.

Until we meet again,

And they both,
live happily ever after.. :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

never mind.

Listening to : Violet Hill - Coldplay
Eating : nothing
Wearing : cropped jeans and messy hair

Could somebody show me the way to Peter Pan's NeverLand?
You know, the place where we can swim and laugh and run around and play and dance and kiss and sing and fly all day long. No worries. Just pure childhood happiness.
The place where there's no growing up.
Argh. Why do we have to grow up anyway?

damn it,
growing up is not a choice
it's an obligation.
People will eventually expect us to grow up,
even if we choose not to.

Watch the skies tonight,
let's fly to the second star to the right!

you broke my plans, but i still got wings.


Cace thinks, in times like these, I shouldn't be alone in my room.
Sigh. She's right.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why So Serious?

Biasalah. Lagi terobsesi sama film Batman : The Dark Night yang oke punya itu.
i give 4,67 out of 5 stars.

Dua setengah jam kali 2 (karna gw ampe nonton 2x, hihi ) yang sangat sangat worth it.
Kalo diajak nonton lagi mau deh gw. Bayarin tapi. hahaha.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

simple signs that u miss someone.

1. you browse your iphoto, and you smile silently while scrolling through pictures of him.
2. you listened to your itunes playlist, and everything, every goddamn song, reminds you of him.
3. it's 11.12 PM, you close your eyes, trying to get some sleep, and voila! there he is, smiling right at you.
4. confused by this feeling, you text him. He replied right away, which makes your heart beats a bit faster.
5. and yet, you still can't go to sleep.
6. so you decided to write on your blog. and you can't think of anything else to write about, except this feeling that you currently feel.

and to you, it felt really really weird, because it's only been like, 25 hours since the last time you saw him..


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SGDO '08

Daftar luka, lecet, bengkak dan bocel yang gw dapet selama 4 hari :

- Kaki kanan : 1
- Lutut kanan : 3
- Lutut kiri : 2
- Siku kanan : 1
- Siku kiri : 1
- Dagu : 1
(sebenernya gw liburan apa jadi tkw sih? ^^)

Daftar hal-hal yang blom pernah gw cobain sebelumnya:

1. SURFING (aaaah pengen lagiiii!!)
2. Kejar2an di pantai rebutan bola ga penting
3. Parasailing (aaaah pengen lagi jugaa!)
4. Beli spatu Crocs.. gratis sih.
5. Digodain abang-abang Padma street. Eww
6. Nge-make over baju ampe jam 12 malem
7. Blanja menggila ngabisin voucher SurferGirl (well ngga segila erien sih, secara dia dapet Best Shopper Award gitu ;) )
8. Sholat di Pura
9. Naek Boomerang nya Waterbom Bali.
10. Pipis rame-rame di laut
11. Warung Bandung nyamm.
12. Baru tau ternyata Warung Made tu baca E nya kayak baca karE, bukan kayak elang.
13. Konsultasi gigi.. di Jimbaran (nah loh)
14. Makan Cordon Bleu nya Solaria Ngurah Rai.
15. Turtle Island
16. Kalap di Ud. Erlangga
17. Nonton Kecak di Pura Uluwatu.. berlatar sunset. Bikin speechless.
18. Baliwis Spa…
19. Lari-lari rebutan kursi.. di pesawat.

So how’s ur weekend? ☺

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Crazy Calories

Bodo amat ah.

it's 5.30 pm.. blom waktunya dinner, tapi gw udah makan. Coba tebak makan apa aja? Well, sodara-sodara sekalian..... gw menghabiskan LIMA potong chicken nugget, semangkok sayur sop, nasi DUA piring dan minum susu!! Udah gitu seperti biasa, nasinya pake mentega (buttered rice is my favorite dish). Padahal tadi pagi sarapan banyak, siang juga udah makan.

Dapet salam dari lemak di pantat.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

cinta ya memiliki! *bingung nentuin judul. pinjem ya Dan. ^^

Jarang-jarang nih (atau malah ga pernah) gw ngepost yang begini-begini. Begini-begini apa coba.

Berikut adalah kata-kata dari teman menyanyi gw, si Irdan.

"... cinta = memiliki
Apa ada cinta yang tidak harus memiliki?
Bwat aku,,cinta ya memiliki..
Lalu yg tidak harus memiliki?
Ya brarti itu bukan cinta.Mungkin cuma "suka".."

"....Jatuh cinta itu jauh lebih mudah daripada mempertahankan swatu hubungan.."

"...Hidup adalah swatu pilihan.
Pilihan kamu??
Memilih untuk terus mencari yang lebih baik..
tetap setia.. "

-Irdania Putri Aulia-

Hihi.. Dari dulu kalo ngomongin hal-hal kayak gini, emang Irdan jagonya. Kita sama-sama long distance, jadi sering nyambung kalo ngegossipin pacar masing-masing (hehe, jadi malu).

Sometimes kita se-pemikiran (contoh, quotes di atas itu), sometimes she knows and gets me, but there are times dia bikin gw keselek opor ayam dengan pertanyaan "Trus? Tessa mau nikah kapan?". aaaaah tidaaak, pertanyaan kayak gitu bikin gw merinding dangdut. hiii. "Masa ngga pernah kepikiran nikah Tes?" Ampuun, Irdaan, ampun.
Begitulah Irdan, si vokalis cantik asal purwokerto. Jadi kangen ngobrol ama kamu, Dan. :)

Jadi bagusnya gmana nih?
Nyari yang lebih baik?
atau tetap setia?
hahah =P


Sunday, June 29, 2008


1. menjelang ujian malah nge blog. ah biarin ah.

2. kayak udah lama ga ngeliat mall.

3. kmaren dapet kado ulangtaun. hehe. (di angkatan gw, emang kado selalu telat) A green yongki komaladi flat shoes. mreka tau banget selera gw. hihi. can't wait to wear it x) makasi ya semuanyaa.

4. kalo dipikir2, taun ini juga dapet a brown kimmy shoe dari anak2 78.. asiik punya banyak sepatu.. makasi ya teman2.

5. banyak ujian banyak makan. biarin perut buncit yang penting otak dapet nutrisi. ya ga? ;)

6. hari jumat kmaren abis dateng ke 'pesta terbesar abad ini'. hehe. makasi ya Che, Tri, Wends.. kadonya nyusul ya. haha.

7. "Resepnya? pake susuk."

8. udah ah. blajar, blajar.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hey Hey Siapa Dia?

Orang yang aksi ‘maju tak gentar jatuh bangun aku mengejarmu’ -nya berhasil meruntuhkan pertahanan gw sampe akhirnya gw nyerah, dan turun dari tahta kejombloan jaya pada tahun 2004.

Orang yang ngehormatin orangtua gw, termasuk jam malem yang mereka kasih. Orang yang suka nanyain kabar kakak adek gw. dan sepupu gw (yang cantik). Hehe. Orang yang udah sering bikin gw ketawa, senyum-senyum sendiri, bt-krn-kgn, blushing, dan jadi menghayati film komedi romantis.

Orang yang udah 3 taun lebih looking after me and all the details about me. Nganterin pulang, jemput les, nutupin retsleting tas, nyariin jam tangan yang ilang di mesjid, menemukan jenggot, nasehatin, marahin, ngajarin, nyontekin, nraktir, nyamperin ke kelas, bawain bunga, nyanyiin lagu, ngambilin teh botol, nungguin latian band, ngetawain, ngegodain, muji, nungguin berbulan-bulan, nelvonin, smsin, ym-in, skype-in, nelvonin lagi, nanyain kabar, khawatirin, ngebangunin, nelvonin lagii, ngegombalin, nyatain, ngejemput di airport, ngeliatin, nyemangatin, nemenin, nge-imam-in, ngedengerin, memfoto diem-diem, nenangin, nyenengin, dan seterusnya dan sebagainya.

"Blog kmu kok ngga pernah ngebahas aku sih?"
- SiapaHayo?

tu, udah dibahas ya.

Peace, Love n Gaul =P


Another Quotes

"You're on my prayer list, Cha"
-Bianca Rachel, setelah mendengar curhatan panjang lebar gw.

"Kamu boleh clubbing, tapi pake jilbab."
-Yudavedito, ketika sedang kumat protektif nya.

"Tita ke sini dulu aja."
- Aryo Sastrowardoyo, ketika ditanya mau kado apa.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Quotes of the Week

"Seneng aja di kamar lo, Tes.. Rasanya, homey homey gimanaa gitu "
"... Serius? Kamar gw kan jarang disapu.."

"Kamu lagi suka Coldplay yah?"
"Hmm.. Suka kamu sih sebenernya"

"Berusahalah, Train Man!"


Friday, June 20, 2008

Independent Women - Destiny's Child

Salah satu dua dari teman-teman baik gw.

Yang satu baru pindah ke kintelan5 : si Lithung.
Dan betapa kagetnya kami barusan ketika membuka pintu kamar... Bajunya sama! Sama-sama baju gratisan dari majalah Go GIrl entah edisi kapan.. Hihi

Oyah si Lithung ini enterpreuner muda loh, visit her store : Kebetulan juga gw 'part time' di sana. hehehe.

Satu lagi temen gw yang lagi berjaya di kota Semarang ini adalah si Anggy.

Untuk lebih mengenal dia, dengerin Prambors Radio Semarang, Hari Kamis (19/6), 16.00-19.00 wib ya.
oyah, selain calon penyiar, Anggy juga jomblo loh. hehe promosi dikit gpp dong.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bismillahir rahmaanir rahiim.*

Sedih ya denger berita akhir-akhir ini.

Gw sih paling sedih kalo ngeliat di TV,

Orang-orang yang setiap hari mengucap

*Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang

bukannya ‘mengasihi’ dan ‘menyayangi’, malah menganiaya saudara (dan saudari) sendiri.
Ngga konsisten kan?

“Mengapa kamu tidak tolong-menolong?”
Q.S Ash Shaaffaat 25


Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Boys I Love

June 8th 08

I always call him Baby Aryo.
Or sometimes Yo-chan.
He hates it when I do that in front of his friends. =P

But today he turned 13.

"So you're not a baby anymore, aye?" i said earlier on the phone.

"Nooo..." he replied.

"What are you, then?"



By the way,

June 2nd was my big brother's birthday, and Da's older brother's too.

Teenage Aryo, Mas Pandu, Kak Yudi..

Happy Birthday, Birthday Boys! :)

Musik Mendadak : Our Noisy Lebaran

These videos were taken on last year's Lebaran (October 2007, wasn't it?)

1. The Boy I Love, playing a classical song :

He was only 12 then, and had just very recently learned how to play guitar.

If u listen carefully, u may hear:
my Auntie Nondy calling me "Titaaaa... Makan dulu Titaa, nanti kekurusaan!",
my cousin Mandy looking for our baby cousin "Lho? Ardhana kemana?",
and the shadow of my other cousin jumping on the bed.


2. The Click Five's Jenny - by The Sastrowardoyos

This was purely just for fun, we haven't practice or anything. =P

My big brother on the guitar,
me on the keyboard (didn't really know what I was doing, though! haha),
my little brother on the electric drum,
my Dad holding the camera and singing (without knowing the lyrics. hihi)
and our cousin Astrie, auntie Dina, my mom & cousin Dian on the cheering crowd.

I always love our noisy Lebaran. :D


Hari Anti Tembakau Sedunia

Jatuh setiap tanggal 31 Mei.

tahun ini,
gw mengirimkan sms ke orang-orang terdekat gw
"Hey, cuma mau ngingetin,
hari ini, 31 mei 08, adalah hari anti tembakau sedunia lho,
ajak teman-teman yang lain untuk tidak merokok yah!
Let's keep the air clean.
Love, tessa. =)"


"Oke, Tess.. :)"
"thank you, Tess!"

dan ada juga yang,

"Kamu maah.. jarang-jarang sms aku, giliran sms isinya minta berenti ngerokok.. huhuhu"
"Yaaah... Seharian ni ngga boleh ngerokok? Haduh.. Kalo shisha aja gimanaa?"



Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Lists


1. The Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Kaspian

I always thought that the stories of C.S Lewis's Narnia are too childish. You know, something to watch with your cute little brother and baby cousins (well at least I did. :)) Didn't really like the first movie, but this one's much more entertaining. I give a solid 3 out of 5 stars.

2. Becoming Jane

Loved it! I've just recently watch this 2007 movie. Romantic, powerful, funny. Makes me wanna read Jane Austen's masterpieces (honestly I've never ever read one). 3,75 out of 5 stars from me. :)


1. Indiana Jones

2. Kung Fu Panda

sigh. i haven't got the time to watch them.


1. The Incredible Hulk (coming soon June 13th)

2. M. Knight Shyamalan's The Happening (coming soon June 13th)

3. Disney's Wall E (coming soon June 27th)

4. The Dark Knight (coming soon July 18th)

Yay! Can't wait! =)


Sunday, June 1, 2008

What's ur status?


online status:

Radite (lemah.. letih)
Yuda (... damn)
Melly (stress.)
Tessa (so sleepy)

Sometimes being a college student is not as easy nor as fun as it looks.


Friday, May 30, 2008

Lovely Bali

Jadi ceritanya,

Kelompok Seni FK undip mempersembahkan:
memperingati hari kebangkitan nasional

Sabtu, 31 Mei 2008
19.00 - selesai
Gedung Serba Guna FK undip

Teater Parkir FK undip
Sendratari Ramayana
Paduan Suara Mahasiswa FK undip
Ensemble FK undip

untuk umum
Dresscode : merah putih

undangan bisa diambil di
Chika 08562004094
atau Krisna 08157765522

Oleh karena maka dari sebab yang demikian itu,

gw terpaksa belajar nari Bali.

Karna salah satu lagu yang bakal dibawain sama PSM tuh lagu Bali, jadi koreo nya agak-agak Bali-Bali gitu deh (ya iyalah masa Irian..).

Oh tidak.

Nari Bali aja susah, gmana kalo sambil nyanyi?

Kmaren aja udah ada yang komentar
"Kak Tessa kayak lagi pencak silat."


Gpp lah, namanya juga belajar.

Ayo Tes. Semangat! SEMANGAAT.

Seandainya gw bisa sejago Mbak-Mbak ini:

Bagus yah? :)


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Reuni SD

Reuni SDN009 Samarinda.
May 21st 2008
PIM Jakarta

ada yang mukanya masih sama (Rand, Git, Met, Rid.. ya ampuun..),
ada yang dilupain (Ngga, Mar, becanda.. hehe),
ada yang banyak cerita aneh (kapan2 cerita lagi ya Rief..)
ada yang kurusan (Citra cantikk.. Bimooo.. Ayo MAKAN!!),
ada yang tinggian (Ga nyangka, Chan =P),
ada yang CLBK (ehm)
ada yang lupa pulang (Mir, KULIAH woi!)

6 tahun ga ketemu, ada yang 9 tahun lost contact sama skali.. begitu ketemu kita ber nostalgila, ejek-ejekan, foto-fotoan, dan intim mendadak.

..... reuni AJAIB deh pokonya. :)


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Taman Tupai Nasional Indonesia

Entah kenapa, tiba-tiba aja gw keinget sama peliharaan gw waktu SMA kelas1 : Seekor tupai jantan bernama Bo.

Bo adalah tupai terlucu yang pernah gw liat. Well, mungkin juga dia satu-satunya tupai yang pernah gw liat, deng.

Jaman itu, melihara tupai membuat gw merasa seperti Sarah, salah satu jagoan di anime Virtua Fighter.

Anyway, suatu hari, kaki nya Bo cacat satu. Gw & kakak gw buru-buru bawa ke dokter hewan dan dia cuma dikasih obat supaya ga infeksi. Diduga sih, kakinya Bo dimakan sama temennya, tupai peliharaan kita juga. Apa yang terjadi dengan tupai yang satu lagi, gw ngga inget.. Yang jelas kita tetep sayang sama Bo, walaupun dia cacat.

Kalo gw sekolah, gw keluarin dari kandang, trus gw biarin dia bebas di kamar gw. Kalo dipikir-pikir sekarang, agak jorok sih ya, kan bisa aja dia pup dimana-mana. Hii. Tapi ngga kok, biasanya dia selalu pup di tempat yang keliatan, jadi bisa langsung gw bersihin.

Anyway, di hari Bo mati, gw nangis sesengukan. It was so sudden, tiba-tiba aja gw pulang ke kos dan ada pesan dari kakak gw di white board “Tes, Bo mati. Gw lagi nguburin dia di deket rumah Novi.”

“Ngga mati kali Mas! Huhuhu.. Mungkin dia cuma tidur aja! Huhuhuhu…”
“Ngga, Tes.. Udah aku gimanain juga dia tetep ga bangun-bangun.”

I didn’t even get to say goodbye.

Gw nangis hampir tiap malem ampe akhirnya gw punya pacar, and my life goes on.

Bo, if you’re reading this.. (yah siapa tau di heaven nya hewan sana, kmu belajar baca dan maen internet).. I suddenly miss you. Doain biar aku sukses jadi dokter ya, siapa tau nanti aku sanggup bikin Taman Tupai Nasional Indonesia.

I love you, Bo.


Sunday, May 11, 2008


Udah berhari-hari ini Internet di kosan gw tolol banget.

Masa buka aja 25 menit.. dan belom tentu kebuka.


Bayangin, gw harus menghabiskan my precious 50 minutes cuma buat ngirim one single e-mail..
Padahal 50 menit itu bisa untuk ngelakuin hal yang lebih berguna, tidur nyuci baju belajar kek, atau ngapain gitu.

Apanya yang SPEED-y sih? More like SLOW-dy to me.

Awas ya, kalo gw jadi presiden nanti, gw bikin hotspot gratis di seluruh penjuru negri. Biar speedy ga laku.

Bodo amat.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Mimpi Kali Ye?

Sekitar 2 tahun yang lalu, temen seangkatan gw, Nilla, kecelakaan motor.

Gw dan temen-teman yang laen berbondong-bondong (halah bahasanya) ngejengukin Nilla di RS Karyadi.

“Nil, kok bisa jatoh sih?”

Nilla, yang ‘cuma’ patah tangan, menceritakan kronologis kecelakaannya dengan semangat. Tapi ada satu kalimat dia yang paling gw inget : “Trus masa ya, pas gw tiduran di aspal itu, gw inget, gw pernah mimpi persis kayak gini.”

Deg. Jantung gw berhenti. Gw pingsan. Trus dapet napas buatan dari dokter jaga yang paling ganteng.

Ngga lah, ngarang aja.

Tapi gw kaget banget waktu itu. Kenapa? Karena gw lumayan sering ngerasa kayak yang Nilla rasain. Bukan patah tangan nya, tapi ngerasa “Wah, gw pernah ni mimpi kayak gini. Kok jadi kenyataan yak?” Gw pikir cuma gw doang, ternyata Nilla juga. Jangan-jangan semua orang juga pernah?

Eh tapi bukan de ja vu loh ya.. Kalo de ja vu kan perasaan ‘wow this situation seems familiar’ atau ‘ih kayak udah pernah ngalamin ini sebelumnya deh’.

Kalo gw ngga gitu, gw bener-bener yakin dan inget pernah mimpiin kejadian yang sama.
Aneh ya.

Yaa sebenernya bukan kejadian-kejadian penting sih.. Cuma kayak, mimpi beli rujak buah di depan itb, mimpi bayar masakan Padang trus duit gw kurang 1000... Yang kayak gitu-gitu deh.

Tapi gw pernah mimpi dikejar-kejar T-Rex di Kebun Raya Bogor dan alhamdulillah belum pernah jadi kenyataan sih. ^^


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I want more of Paramore!!

"I never meant to brag
But I got him where I want him now
Whoa, it was never my intention to brag
To steal it all away from you now"
-Paramore, Misery Business-

i'm in love with this band.
please, please,
please make them come to Indonesia. :)

Ooh. By the way, i heard Basement Jaxx is coming. O_o


Monday, May 5, 2008

We're Only Human.

“Baps," I asked, "have you ever been in a situation where your patients have questions, but you didn’t know the answer?”

The 50 years old man, sitting beside me, answered without hesitation, “Yes, of course.”

I was relieved by his words. I always thought he knows everything.

“So what did you do, then?” I asked him again.

“Well, first, I’d try to think logically,” he said, “By thinking logically, I’m able to find the probabilities of the answer.”

I nodded. Listening carefully.

“I’d say to my patient,” he continued, “that I think the possibilities are A, B, C, or D. And then I’ll examine them and then I can say ‘Okay, it seems more like an A or B.. But we’ll see.’ ”

“But.. What if you really don’t have any clue?”

“In that case,” he answered, “I’d say: ‘I’ve never heard of it, Ma’am, but I’ll look for it. So please do ask me again on our next appointment.’ ”

“Lucky for us,” he continued, “We know where to look for the answers. And lucky for me, as a specialist, people tend to ask similar questions.”

“From time to time?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said, “I’ve been practicing for years now, therefore I understand types of patients’ questions. Sometimes I even answer a question with a reflex. It’s like, I’m on autopilot or something.”

I giggled. “Really?”

“Number 1584,” the intercom announced, “to the counter, please.”
We were buying take-away dinner at Bakmi GM. Mom, Mas, and Aryo were already home, probably starving at that time. Baps stood up and took our meals from the lady at the counter. I walked beside him.

“Yes,” he said, “Patients today are smarter, because we have the internet and everything. But they still expect us to know everything.”

I held my breath. Gosh, someday they’ll expect me to know everything too.

Oh God.

“…But we’re only human,” he continued, “We’re not capable of knowing everything, right?” he smiled.

“Hmm,“ I nodded, “Right.”

“I always spend a lot of time with each of my patients,” he said as we walked on the North SkyBridge, “I prefer qualities, not quantities.”


“Meaning,” he continued, “we can have a lot of patients, but they won’t be satisfied if we don’t spend enough time with them.”

Okay, I thought, patients’ satisfaction.

“Second of all, it’ll help us get to know the patient better. And that,” he added, ”will prevent us from ‘missing’ something.”
I see…‘missing’ clues could lead to fatality.

“And third,” he said,” the more we get closer to our patients, the easier for them to forgive us if we ever, say, make any mistake… or even if we didn’t know the answer to their question.”

He smiled and I grinned.

They’re no superman, but they’ll always do their best to save your lives.



Woo Hooo..

i give 4 out of 5 stars. :D

Love Tony Stark, but Peter Parker's still my no.1 superhero.. x)


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Potter Puppet Pals

i love each and every one ofthem.


Neil Cicierega is simply awesome! :D


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

another april 30th

tess : bingung nih

tin : kenapa?

tess : blom dapet kado..

tin : emang kapan ulangtaun nya?

tess : lusa.. hehe

tin : yaudah to, kadonya kamu aja, dikasih pita..

tess : haha.. iya ya?

tin : iya, gitu aja.. pasti dia suka.

tess : gitu ya? kado nya kedatangan aku aja kali ya.. hehe

tin : kedatanganmu loh, tess, jangan keperawananmu.

tess : iya lah. gila apa.

Happy Birthday, Da. :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sweet Martabaks and A Camera

This is what you get when you mix an Italian dinner, two boxes of martabak, a silver Picanto, a digital camera, and six mentally impaired people.

note : Blend them together under the half-shaped moon on a Saturday night.

photo source : mba put's facebook.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Today :

1. I change the layout.... and I have a new shoutbox! :) *see it over there, on the left side

2. Mba Putri told me, erien, and mas odie stories about her funny Panum lecturer, and it made us roll on the floor laughing. I love the faces that she makes while telling stories. :D
And I know that she's having a complicated problem right now, I do hope she got through it well. :)

3. Da and I argue a bit, and then realize that none of us is wrong, so we apologized and compromised in the end. "Jadi kita impas ya... Hihi" :)

4. Erien and I have tests on Monday, so we stay home although it's Saturday night. We had a lot of KFC pudding delivered. ;)

5. I think I eat too much. What's wrong with me? I even feel hungry 1-2 hours after I eat. Polyphagia?

6. I learn about Urinary Tract Infection today on my Pediatric class. Better keep it clean down there, kids!

7. I love April! We had Aul's surprise party and Armel's birthday bash on the 9th, Aul's birthday dinner and Akbar's surprise birthday bash on the 15th, Arie's birthday on the 16th.. Cooming soon (hopefully) : Traktiran Akbar, traktiran Arie, traktiran Erien.. hihihi... :)

8. I miss my family. Oh well.


Akhirnya Lengser Juga

April 2007

April 2008


Monday, April 7, 2008

Saharadja, live in Semarang.

Last weekend I went to LA Lights BIG JAZZ in my city, Semarang.

At first I only intend to watch Andien & Rudi Subekti n friends, but when the show ended.. all I have in my head, playing over and over again, is this band called Saharadja. It was the last performance that night and I'm really really really glad I didn't go straight home after Andien's.

Saharadja is a band from our lovely Bali and their music, as I recall the band leader Mr. Rio Sidik said, is "... jazz as the root of it, but it's more ethnic and fusion."

Apparently Saharadja is already famous since years ago.. but honestly, I never heard of them before. (Dasar si Tessa kurang gaul =P)

Here's clips of their show that I found on YouTube.

Awesome, right? :)
Oh, dan mereka amazingly mengaransemen ulang lagu klasik "Flight of the Bumblebee" jadi trance gitu. Such talented people. :)
For more info, go to


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nice Work, Natasha!

Currently listening to this song. Honestly, I like this acoustic version better than the real one.
I [heart] Natasha Bedingfield! x)


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Buset dah! :D

Gw membuat suatu ke-geblek-an luar biasa tadi malem.

Jadi critanya gini, hari Selasa, gw, Erien & Lita ngantri tiket buat nonton ayat-ayat Cinta. Saking fenomenalnya film ini, di loket nya udah ada tulisan TIKET HARI INI SOLD OUT. Padahal waktu itu masih rada siang loh. Jadi kita beli buat yang besoknya, yaitu hari Rabu, jam 21.30.

Nah, besoknya, gw Lita & Anggy dateng ke 21. Perut udah kenyang, udah tidur siang, tiket udah di tangan, pokonya SIP DAH persiapan kita buat melototin Fedi Nuril.

Namun.. untung tak dapat diraih malang di jawa timur, ternyata udah ada orang yang duduk di kursi kita!

“Ehm.. Permisi Mas, bisa liat tiketnya? Kayaknya ini tempat duduk saya deh.”
“Oh ya? Masa sih?”

Gw ngeliatin tiket Mas nya:

21 Citraland
Ayat-ayat Cinta
Wed, 5-3-08
21.30 wib

Gw ngeliatin tiket di tangan gw:

21 Citraland
Ayat-ayat Cinta
Tue, 4-3-08
21.30 wib

Gw diem.
Anjrit. Salah tanggal bo!!

Di luar bioskop gw ktemu Erien&Au. Mereka beli tiketnya bareng gw pas hari Selasa itu, dan nasib nya sama.

Lalu datanglah seorang Mba-Mba penjaga tiket yang baik hati.

Mungkin karena kasian ngeliat 5 orang mahasiswa meratapi nasib di lobby 21, dia bilang gini “Hmm, Mba, gini aja deh, Mba nonton film yang lain aja. Boleh yang mana aja terserah Mba. Pilih LOVE atau HANTU AMBULANS?”

Kita ber5 ngakak. Sumpah ya. Itu mah sama aja kayak “Permisi Mba, mau minum apa? Racun tikus atau Es campur formalin?”

FYI, di Semarang tuh bioskop 21 cuma ada 2. Dan keciiil banget kemungkinannya kita bisa nonton Ayat-ayat Cinta di bioskop satu lagi. Last minute pula.

Jadiii… we end up watching film LoveActuallywannabeyanggagaltotal = LOVE.

Akhirnya selama 2 jam gw, Anggy & Lita mencela-cela tu film, soalnya di dalem bioskop cuma ada kita dan 2 orang lain. Lumayan lah buat mengocok perut.

Apalagi kalo ngeliat Irwansyah yang sepanjang film tampangnya mupeng-mupeng mesum. Oi, oi.. suka atau napsu, Mas? =P

Trus kita bertiga malah ketawa ngakak ngeliat acting nangis nya Acha Septriasa. Buset dah, artificial banget.

But, I had a fun night! Film yang harusnya romantis-mengharukan itu malah jadi komedi-menstimulasi-saraf-muntah buat gw. Abis norak-norak gimanaaa gitu. Hehehehe.

“Tes, lo nangis ngga?”
“Ngga lah! Gila apa.”
“Lo, Nggy?”
“Aah Kalian ngga punya hati.”

Hahaha. Love u girls!


Friday, February 29, 2008

Just Another Day..

Barusan gw berantem lagi sama preman.
Kali ini 2 orang tinggi gede yang dateng ke rumah gw. Ngakunya sih dari bank or something gitu... but they were very RUDE. First, mereka gedor-gedor pintu, 2nd, they refuse to leave when I say nobody's home, 3rd, mereka bentak-bentak gw. Itu udah cukup buat bikin gw menaikan suara gw 5 oktaf dan bales bentak-bentak. Yang bikin gw seneng, mereka sempet bengong gitu. Kayak tampang penjahat2 kekar tapi bloon di film2 Hollywood tau ga. Trus gw banting pintu... dan nelvon kepolisian Lebak Bulus. Seriously I did. =P

But they're gone now, so ANYWAY, udah hampir seminggu gw batuk-pilek. Tadi pagi gw -sori- buang dahak dan.. sim salabim! ada darahnya! My dad says it's nothing to worry about, though. :)

So sekarang (harusnya) gw lagi ngerjain tugasnya Da. It's about the 8 Habits. Have u ever heard of 7 Habits of Highly effective People? and the 8th Habit? Well, those are famous books written by Stephen Covey. I never read them actually, I read the 'teen version' called Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens, written by Sean Covey (Stephen's son). It's much more entertaining for me. And it kinda changed my life back in junior high. Motivates me in many ways. Well if u haven't read it, you should. ;)

Have a great day, everyone!


Friday, February 15, 2008

Ngga Ada Matinya!!

Gw iseng2 ngebuka, alias website SMA gw dulu. It’s amazing how one single picture can take you back to the old days. Kayak pas gw nemuin foto ini:

Kalo lo bukan anak 78, mungkin lo cuma bakal ngeliat foto tempat makan standar sma negeri yang biasa aja, ga menarik dan sepertinya agak jorok (honestly, it kinda is. hehe). Tapi bagi gw, pas ngeliat foto ini, langsung ada seribu cerita yang pops into my mind.

1. Di tempat ini temen deket gw Randy jadian sama Iqa! Kalo ga salah itu jaman-jamannya kita abis menang POPA deh… Jadiannya kocak gitu, ditonton oleh puluhan orang.. :)

2. Kalo lo berdiri di deket tempat sampah yang paling kanan itu, lo bisa denger suara piano dari dalem ruang sbelahnya (Ruang Litbang ya kalo ga salah?). Waktu masih jadi anak baru, gw pernah nyanyi-nyanyi sambil main piano sendiri di situ dan besoknya baru tau bahwa ruangan itu ngga kedap suara! Oyah., di ruang litbang itu juga pertama kalinya gw kenal sama Icha, Asthie, & Jane.

3. Anak-anak 78 taat peraturan loh! Liat kan ada tanda dilarang merokok di situ? Yup, ngga ada loh yang ngerokok di kantin….. adanya di WC cowo lantai 3 atau di warung depan. Haha.

4. Ngga tau kenapa di foto ini kantinnya sepi.. padahal yaa suasana pas jam istirahat mah rame gila hiruk pikuk ga bisa napas deh. Hiperbolis deng. Hehe. Tapi beneran deh, rame banget. But, tetep aja hampir setiap istirahat gw ke sini. Ngapain aja?
A.Makan mie goreng-yang-bumbunya-dicampur-secara-tidak-merata
B. Minum Magic Drink (minuman warna pink yang keliatannya bening, tapi pas diminum.. ada jeli-jelinya! Wooow it’s Magic!!) C.Ngobrol-ngegosip-ketawa-ketiwi-nyanyi-nyanyi
D. Pacaran
E. Kegiatan bermanfaat lainnya
F.All of the above

5.Yang gw suka dari kantin adalah : Ini salah satu tempat di mana gw bisa ketemu dan ngobrol ama anak-anak yang beda kelas. Di sini IPA-IPS ga ngaruh, tetep aja makan satu meja. Asik yah? Hehe.

6.Di tempat inilah pertama kalinya Da beliin gw Teh Botol. Di sini juga tempat gw jualan tiket nonton pertunjukan drama ke orang-orang... dan berlanjut dengan Da (blom jadi pacar gw waktu itu) meng-sms gw malem harinya, sekaligus memulai pedekate(ini menurut pengakuan dia loh) dengan bertanya "Tes, lagi ngapain? Oh iya, tiket drama tadi harganya brapa?". ih basa basi, bilang aja suka. =p

7.85% gosip bermula di kantin. “Loh? Itu kan R*** yang mantannya **di? Kok dia makan bareng An***? Udah jadian ya? Iiih gw baru tauu.”

8. Di kantin ini, di meja berkaki biru itu:
Kakak kelas lumayan ganteng berkata "Lo tessa ya?"
Gw (tersenyum sedikit keGRan, mikir wah gw famous juga yah), menjawab "Iya.. Kenapa?"
Kakak kelas lumayan ganteng bertanya lagi "Oh ngga.. Tessa yang kemaren siang joget-joget di depan mesjid itu kan?"
FYI, 'joget di depan mesjid' itu adalah syarat wajib masuk ekskul Drama waktu itu, jadi itu bukan (sekali lagi, bukan ) kegiatan yang biasa gw lakukan di waktu senggang.

9.Kantin adalah tempat Jurit Malam yang paling assoy. Hehe. Gw pernah dandan ala kuntilanak trus berdiri di pojokan fridge sebelah kiri itu.. tengah malam, buat nakutin anak2 orang. Tapi gw ditemenin Mirza ’04 & Dora ’05, ga mungkin lah gw sendirian, serem juga.

Yah begitulah sebagian kecil dari kisah kasih di sekolah kantin saya.
SMA emang ngga ada matinya yaa.

Udah 2 taun ga dateng reuni nih. Hix.


Friday, January 18, 2008

Seriously, am I crazy? :)

Ini entry gw setelah sekian lama males ngetik. Daaannn entry kali ini akan sama ngga pentingnya dengan entry2 gw sebelumnya. hehe. Enjoy!

So where do I start? Life's been hectic lately. Today's the last day of UAS. And I have tons of holiday plans. Including: a date for Saturday night. Yes, tomorrow night, at Bandung, the city of love *kata siapa? ngarang aja gw. hehe*

The thing is, I dunno why but I'm so excited! I've been dating him for more than 3 years but it feels like our first date. Oh God, I'm ecstatic. I just can't wait! i really can't! my hands are shaking as I'm typing these words.. I feel butterflies in my stomach.. my heart beats faster and faster and faster.. And I just spent 3 hours in my room, deciding what to wear.

I feel like jumping around, singing crazy love songs and constantly smiling at myself in the mirror. Am I crazy? :)

My parent and my uncles usually read my blog.. and I know if they read this, they'll laugh and say "Cinta Monyet". Hehe. Well maybe it is! but I don't care! I'm excited. And it feels wonderful. :D

I don't know why I even bother telling you all this. But I hope u guys have an amazing weekend! :)