Friday, January 18, 2008

Seriously, am I crazy? :)

Ini entry gw setelah sekian lama males ngetik. Daaannn entry kali ini akan sama ngga pentingnya dengan entry2 gw sebelumnya. hehe. Enjoy!

So where do I start? Life's been hectic lately. Today's the last day of UAS. And I have tons of holiday plans. Including: a date for Saturday night. Yes, tomorrow night, at Bandung, the city of love *kata siapa? ngarang aja gw. hehe*

The thing is, I dunno why but I'm so excited! I've been dating him for more than 3 years but it feels like our first date. Oh God, I'm ecstatic. I just can't wait! i really can't! my hands are shaking as I'm typing these words.. I feel butterflies in my stomach.. my heart beats faster and faster and faster.. And I just spent 3 hours in my room, deciding what to wear.

I feel like jumping around, singing crazy love songs and constantly smiling at myself in the mirror. Am I crazy? :)

My parent and my uncles usually read my blog.. and I know if they read this, they'll laugh and say "Cinta Monyet". Hehe. Well maybe it is! but I don't care! I'm excited. And it feels wonderful. :D

I don't know why I even bother telling you all this. But I hope u guys have an amazing weekend! :)