Tuesday, April 29, 2008

another april 30th

tess : bingung nih

tin : kenapa?

tess : blom dapet kado..

tin : emang kapan ulangtaun nya?

tess : lusa.. hehe

tin : yaudah to, kadonya kamu aja, dikasih pita..

tess : haha.. iya ya?

tin : iya, gitu aja.. pasti dia suka.

tess : gitu ya? kado nya kedatangan aku aja kali ya.. hehe

tin : kedatanganmu loh, tess, jangan keperawananmu.

tess : iya lah. gila apa.

Happy Birthday, Da. :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sweet Martabaks and A Camera

This is what you get when you mix an Italian dinner, two boxes of martabak, a silver Picanto, a digital camera, and six mentally impaired people.

note : Blend them together under the half-shaped moon on a Saturday night.

photo source : mba put's facebook.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Today :

1. I change the layout.... and I have a new shoutbox! :) *see it over there, on the left side

2. Mba Putri told me, erien, and mas odie stories about her funny Panum lecturer, and it made us roll on the floor laughing. I love the faces that she makes while telling stories. :D
And I know that she's having a complicated problem right now, I do hope she got through it well. :)

3. Da and I argue a bit, and then realize that none of us is wrong, so we apologized and compromised in the end. "Jadi kita impas ya... Hihi" :)

4. Erien and I have tests on Monday, so we stay home although it's Saturday night. We had a lot of KFC pudding delivered. ;)

5. I think I eat too much. What's wrong with me? I even feel hungry 1-2 hours after I eat. Polyphagia?

6. I learn about Urinary Tract Infection today on my Pediatric class. Better keep it clean down there, kids!

7. I love April! We had Aul's surprise party and Armel's birthday bash on the 9th, Aul's birthday dinner and Akbar's surprise birthday bash on the 15th, Arie's birthday on the 16th.. Cooming soon (hopefully) : Traktiran Akbar, traktiran Arie, traktiran Erien.. hihihi... :)

8. I miss my family. Oh well.


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Monday, April 7, 2008

Saharadja, live in Semarang.

Last weekend I went to LA Lights BIG JAZZ in my city, Semarang.

At first I only intend to watch Andien & Rudi Subekti n friends, but when the show ended.. all I have in my head, playing over and over again, is this band called Saharadja. It was the last performance that night and I'm really really really glad I didn't go straight home after Andien's.

Saharadja is a band from our lovely Bali and their music, as I recall the band leader Mr. Rio Sidik said, is "... jazz as the root of it, but it's more ethnic and fusion."

Apparently Saharadja is already famous since years ago.. but honestly, I never heard of them before. (Dasar si Tessa kurang gaul =P)

Here's clips of their show that I found on YouTube.

Awesome, right? :)
Oh, dan mereka amazingly mengaransemen ulang lagu klasik "Flight of the Bumblebee" jadi trance gitu. Such talented people. :)
For more info, go to www.saharadja.net