Sunday, August 31, 2008

countdown to September.

I'm currently listening to this Japanese band called Depapepe. Their songs are simply beautiful.

And these are the movies that I've watched these past few days :
1. Vantage Point (so-so. but worth watching)
2. Kung Fu Panda (entertaining enough.. hihi)
3. Definitely. Maybe (yeah.. i start watching romantic comedies again =P this one's good, though. i love the twisted story, and u could never resist Abigail Breslin's smile =) )
4. The Other Boleyn Girl (bagus! gw jarang suka a-long-long-time-ago-in-England kind of movie, but this one's powerful.)
5. How I Met Your Mother season 2 (okay, it's a tv series actually. Lucu. Mirip-mirip friends gitu sih, nontonnya bikin ketagihan.. must. buy. season 3.)
6. The Simple Life season 5 (laugh all u want, i don't care. i always love N&P =) )
7. Fool's Gold (abis nonton Definitely, Maybe, duo Hudson-McConaughey ini jadi ga ada apa-apanya.. hehe)
8. Star Wars (yaaah jangan dibandingin sama yang bukan kartun deh ya.. )

By the way, I can't wait for September to start! First of all, it's the beginning of my 7th semester! I miss my friends, I miss rebutan duduk paling depan pas di kelas (u heard me right : entah knapa sejak smester lalu, angkatan gw smangat blajarnya menggila), I miss my seniors, my juniors, everybody! tomorrow's the first day and I'm pretty excited x)
Reason no.2, gw (dan 29 orang teman-teman gw yang lain, i guess) udah nungguin majalah Seventeen Indonesia bulan ini. hehe.
and last but not least.. it's Ramadhan.

Happy fasting.


Monday, August 4, 2008

The End of The Fairy Tale

Yes, dear friends, we have ended our almost 4 years relationship.

Once upon a day,
we spent the day laughing, talking, kissing, reading comic books and eating ice creams… and then, that peculiar night, something hit us. Kayak kesamber petir di siang bolong : Bikin bengong, kaget, dan.. yeah well, sakit bo! Hehehe.

How can you be 100% sure when you’re throwing away your dreams and plans? You can’t. I wasn’t sure and it wasn't easy, but honestly I know it is what I need.

It took us hours of talks and days of thinking until we finally end it. In the end, kita mengobrol dan tertawa dan bakal tetep ngejaga hubungan baik. And it felt pretty good.

During those days, I talked to my parent and best friends. As always, they’re very supportive. I love you guys! Trimakasih udah jungkir balik ngedengerin, nyaranin macem2, berusaha bikin aku ketawa, dan bikin aku mau makan! Hahaha.
(Sthie, gw beneran beli tuh es krim 1 liter!! Haha)
(Bapak, thank you for cheering me up by lending me Mom's ATM card.. hehehe)

i love You (You know who You are)… thank You, for listening.

And for you… aku sayang sama kamu, Yudavedito. Thank u for loving me, protecting me, wanting me, missing me, waiting for me… and most of the time bikin aku ngerasa jadi cewe paling happy sedunia *lebay, hahaha. Ngga deng, beneran kok. :) Ngga nyangka ya, ending nya begini? Ya, kalo dari dulu udah tau endingnya, film nya ga seru lagi dong! Hehehe.

Until we meet again,

And they both,
live happily ever after.. :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

never mind.

Listening to : Violet Hill - Coldplay
Eating : nothing
Wearing : cropped jeans and messy hair

Could somebody show me the way to Peter Pan's NeverLand?
You know, the place where we can swim and laugh and run around and play and dance and kiss and sing and fly all day long. No worries. Just pure childhood happiness.
The place where there's no growing up.
Argh. Why do we have to grow up anyway?

damn it,
growing up is not a choice
it's an obligation.
People will eventually expect us to grow up,
even if we choose not to.

Watch the skies tonight,
let's fly to the second star to the right!

you broke my plans, but i still got wings.


Cace thinks, in times like these, I shouldn't be alone in my room.
Sigh. She's right.