Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First Day in First Aid

Monday, April 20th 2009
Kelas Pertolongan Pertama Pada Gawat Darurat.

Gw : *siap-siap mau ngasih pernafasan buatan*
Duta : eh Tes!
Gw : knp Dut?
Duta : Gapapa.... Jangan pake lidah ya!
Gw : yaiyalah emang apaan!!
Duta : Hahahaha...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Choose Carefully.

Love this interactive youtube video thingy.
Yes, I've tried every possible ending. I'm such an Internet freak, aren't I? =P

Come to think of it.. What would it be if in real life, we could rewind and change our decision whenever we bump into a sad ending?

Well.. In my opinion it'd probably be a nice regret-less world to live in.

But a boring one, too.

We need risk of having regrets to make us appreciate every opportunities, don't you think? :)

Anyway try it! And good luck! ;D


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Capricorns and their Comfort Zones.

I'm pretty sure there aren't any teenage girl in this whole wide world who has never read her horoscope in a magazine. Kalo gw sih, kalo bagus dipercaya, kalo ngga ya bodo amat. Hehehe.

Let see what Capricorns will encounter this month!

According to GoGirl! Magazine:

Ayo tambah teman sebanyak-banyaknya.
Well, I’ve been spending time with lots of long lost friends lately. I hope that counts. ;)

Tabungan meningkat!
Yea right. There’s a slight chance, but ’m a big spender, so.. *shrugs*

Bingung antara bertahan dengan comfort zone status kamu yang single atau harus berubah.
No comment. Hahahaha.

Perbanyak olahraga dan perhatikan ya apa yang kmu makan
Apa yang gw makan? Jamur, lekker, chicken cordon blue, bread talk, chocolate covered strawberries.. not exactly what you’d consider as healthy food, aren’t they? xP

A trip or a relationship with a foreigner will give you lots of benefits.
Hmm.. Had an interview with an EF teacher, Neil from Scotland, yesterday. Lots of benefits? Amin.

Hari baik : Rabu
..which is today! Yay!

Warna : Hijau muda.
Err this is weird. I’m wearing green this very moment.

Have a great long weekend!!! xD