Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tukang Bohong!

Dear you,

You're a big liar!


Karna kmu selalu bilang, kmu ga romantis.
So how come you waited and waited for me, just to have our late chat under the moon?

Kamu bilang, kmu ga romantis.

but you gave me surprises all the time..
showing up at EF, at the airport, at my door..
you showed up everywhere!

with a single red rose.
Another time with a bouquet of them.

and chocolates.
and dinner with the city lights.
and you gave compliments, even when I'm still in my pajamas.

and still, kamu bilang kamu ga romantis,

but you said the L word every single day.

Dan kamu masih bisa bilang kamu ga romantis?

You're a bad liar. :)


and by the way, i L you too. ;)