Friday, March 26, 2010

Something's Missing.

She has everything.

Wealthy families from both side of the parent.
Good grades, and a career planned.
Massive amount of great friends to share laughter with
A hilarious boyfriend who's madly in love with her.
A closet full of adorable shoes, bags, clothes..
Books and music to color her life
Best friends who, near or far, will always be there for her

Plus, she was born with dark thick hair and white healthy skin

Yeah she was born with everything.

and yet something's missing.

something's always felt missing
when she's drifting away from Him.

So she's saying 'Alhamdulillah' and 'Astagfirullah' to ease this uncomfortable feeling.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Future Husband,

"Dear future husband,

I can't cook. And I'm not planning to learn to.
If someday we live together, we would have to pay somebody to cook for us.

Dear future husband,
I'm gonna have my career. I DON'T stay at home all day long.

Dear future husband,
I'll dress however I want. You don't have to like it, just don't try to change it.

and one more thing, dear future husband,
I maybe difficult at times, but I'll love you.

your future wife."

-If he can't take you at your worst, then he doesn't deserve you at your best-

I was twittering today and one of the Trending Topic was #dearfuturewife. At first the tweets were funny, but then I read them again and they were so degrading to women. I hated most of it, honestly.
So out of boredom, I decided to write this ;)


Friday, March 12, 2010

Learning the ABC (and not the way we did in kindergarten)

One patient died this morning.
I did the CPR thing, yeah you know, the one you saw on movies... It's not as cool as it looks, believe me.

I've been an intern on this hospital for almost 6 months and it was the first time someone died during my shift, on my watch, so I can't help but feel a little gloomy.

Anyway, afterwards I remembered my bestfriend Asti contacted me a few weeks ago. She said "Tess, you have to teach me how to be a doctor!" amused by the question yet confused, I replied "Why?" and she told me her story; basically her friend was on an accident and she was right in front of her, not knowing what to do, and of course, she feels sorry for being not helpful at all at that time.

Well.. Here's a little First Aid tips:
1. Calm yourself down
2. Call for help, ambulance, a nearby clinic, anything
3. Help the person, but don't put yourself in danger
4. Introduce yourself and tell them your going to help
5. Do not feed or give drink to the person. And avoid moving them. (In Indonesia these are the most common mistakes people do on traffic accidents)
6. If there is a more competent person came around (a doctor, or other emergency health professionals) let them do their job.
7. Stop helping if you're exhausted

Now, the basics of First Aid are ABC.

A- Airway
B- Breathing
C- Circulation

It might take more than one entry of a blog to explain it, so if you're really curious, you can read about it here :

Happy learning!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Satine, Summer, and Someone named Tessa

Moulin Rouge's Satine and 500 Days's Summer Finn are two of my most favorite movie characters.
Maybe because I have one thing in common with them:
we think marriage is overrated.

And by the way,
Those two movies are seriously amazing. Brilliant stories, wonderful music, and of course.. adorable costumes! Oh I'd love to have everything inside Summer Finn's wardrobe! ;D

with love,

once upon an "I Hate Sunday"

Have you ever wish that time would stop, so that you don't have to face something that you don't want to face?

I bet your answer is yes. *sotoy*

Haha. But seriously, there's something that I've learned today.
You see, I woke up this Sunday morning feeling like sh*t. Why? because I have something to do on this Sunday evening and I was really really not in the mood to do it.

What did I do? I tweet : "I wish I could say 'Bodo Amat' and get on with it"

and you know what, quite lots of my friends re-tweeted it. To me it just proves one thing : There are lots of other people out there who has the same problem. AND theirs could be worse than mine.

See, my problem was I had a singing rehearsal that night, and my partner is a very verrryy good vocalist. It was an honor working with him, but it was also challenging. He's been singing for like, I dunno, 25 years? (Man, I wasn't even born yet 25 years ago!) Shortly, he was a real pro. And that makes me, singing beside him, a real mess.
It's a challenge, I know. But believe me, juggling it all with internship, night shifts, French class and everything… Not an easy thing.

Okay, I will stop complaining now. ;)

My point is, THAT is my problem. If you’re dealing with a smaller problem than mine, be thankful. If yours is worse, then I wish you well.