Monday, April 26, 2010


I love speaking in foreign languages, I have a reason for it, and it doesn't mean I don't love my Bahasa.

You see, Indonesian Bahasa is my first language.
(now you know why my grammar kinda sucks :P -- yet that's not the point of this post:))

I'm a pure Indonesian girl, BUT I use English at home with my family, I use English in my head, and even in my diary.

In blog world, I use a mixture of Indonesian and English on my posts. But to tell you the truth, I try my best to always write in English. Why? Simply because it's a global language.
At times I hate it when I need to find something important from the Internet and then when I found it it's written in a language that I don't understand. For example, I love Japanese dramas, and yet all updates about the latest dramas are mostly written in Japanese. Or weeks ago when I was searching for medical journals and the interesting ones are written in German.

It made me wish I speak every language in the world. :P

Anyway, a few months ago I found a blog about language and nationalism. It was along the lines of
"Kalo kamu cinta negeri ini, ngga usah sok pake bahasa Inggris hanya untuk terlihat keren. Mana jiwa nasionalisme kamu?"
"If you love this country, stop using English just to look cool. Where's your sense of nationalism?"

Well in my opinion, my sense of nationalism IS by speaking in English. Why? Because again, English is a global language and like it or not, we're facing globalization. By understanding English hopefully the people in our country would be easier to gain access to any knowledge and therefore making us less under-developed than before.
I say let's speak up in English and let the world know how great Indonesia is. :)

*Have you ever watch the Oscar-winning movie Babel? It's about how different languages could lead to misunderstanding and eventually cause chaos. Oh and it has Brad Pitt in it. ;P


Monday, April 19, 2010

Apple's Next iPhone

Seriously, fake or real, I want one already! ;D

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

An April Love Story.

I'm not sure I believe in destiny.

You could be destined to be a famous lawyer. But if you don't study hard to get into lawschool, it won't happen, right?

Well this is my story:
I met him on my first semester at med school. He was on his seventh. We never got introduced and we weren't close friends, but we know each other, because he was quite popular, and I.. well I wasn't bad-looking either. =P
Four years passed, and one day I was in a nearby (about 15 minutes walk from home) supermarket, buying some chocolates to help me get through a recent rough break-up.

Just as I was deciding which ice cream would go better with chocolate syrup, the old supermarket door slightly squeaked. And there he was, his tall figure entering the store.
I remember I took a deep breath, smile, and finally said "Hey, Kak"
he glanced at me, grin, and replied "Hey Tess, didn't see you there! Whatcha doin?"

One month after that day, he was officially my boyfriend.

For weeks I've been telling my friends all about it, about the way we accidentally meet, about our unplanned encounter which leads to a long chat, coffee, karaoke and dinner in one day.
I thought it was destiny.

Until one day..
"Yeah... about that" he said with a grin.
"What about it, dear?"

And then, he told me his side of the story. The real story.
According to him, that day he was driving in a car with some friends. He spotted me walking at the other side of the street and instantly went "Hey, isn't that Tessa? Hey, it is her! Pull over, man!"
"Whoa you're right.. wonder where she's going."
"I bet she's going to the supermarket! Hey listen, why don't you go rent some comic books across the street, I'll go to the supermarket and buy some drinks.. Got it? See if I can get her to join us for coffee."


See? It wasn't destiny. :)

What if he doesn't have the courage to chase me down the street that day?
What if I was too shy to say hi and pretended I didn't see him instead?
Then we wouldn't be celebrating our 1st year anniversary next month.

I know God always has an amazing plan for us, but without our own work, it won't happen.
So we better get up and chase our dreams! Chase 'em, follow 'em wherever it goes, even if it went into the supermarket. :)


"Serius Kak?? Kamu udah liat aku jalan kaki dari ujung jalan ampe supermarket?"
"Hehe.. iyaa"
"Yaah tau gitu aku nebeng!"