Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easy A

turns out to be a pretty good movie.
Hilarious and witty dialogue throughout the scenes. Well, the story's a typical high school comedy, but Emma Stone did a really amazing job! :)

My personal favorite : "Pocketful of Sunshine" scenes. ;D


Friday, March 11, 2011

My (un)typical answer

Good looks stays in our minds for a while,
but a good conversation lingers longer.

Earlier in our relationship people often asks me, "What is it that you like about him?" Normally I would reply with a typical answer, like "You don't need a reason to love someone." or "Simply everything about him." Those answers are actually kinda true, but if you want my honest one, it would be this:

In addition to his charm, looks, cleverness and that he constantly always, always treats me like a lady, what I like most about him is.. the way he communicates with me.

He's the one I can speak about everything and also nothing.
We'd sit in a cafe for hours talking flight-of-ideas-ly until it's time for the waitresses to go home (maafkan kami ya mba dan mas waitress). Or spending time on the phone from after dinner until the Subuh prayer.

That's why this time, long distance is very easy for me. :)

Aku ga pernah ngobrol sama orang seperti aku ngobrol sama dia.
was my answer to a friend a few days ago.

Geez. I don't know why I made this kind of blog entry. Haha.

Have you ever had that time when you're in love and you just HAVE to tell the whole world about it? ;P