Monday, January 23, 2012

Dear you,

do you know what triggers jealousy? Insecurity.
do you know what cures jealousy? Confidence.
do you know who can give that kind of confidence to you?

you yourself and no one else.


Yup, I'm the luckiest girl (:


"... Little do they know, that to me the highlight of that delicious-looking picture lies at the bottom right."

Birthday Cakes, anyone?

I always thought that you can see how thoughtful the people you love are, by what kind of cake they gave you on your birthday. :D

1. January 10th 2008

because Kiwi is my favorite fruit. :) this was from my family and my best friends.

2. January 10th 2010
(My best friend Erien gave me a square double-layered chocolate cake with white icing, because you know, I love love love chocolate and white is one my most favorite color)
*I can't find the picture, though :(

3. January 10th 2011

from my best friends again. Because music is the food to my soul.
I think I put a video of this 2011 birthday celebration on my previous blog entry somewhere. Go watch it if you're curious. :)

4. January 10th 2012

from my family. Guess it's kinda obvious why they picked a medical doctor theme, eh? :) And I love how this cake is very detailed, the posters on the left wall is actually a real human anatomy picture!

I know a friend of mine who gave her bass-player boyfriend a birthday cake shaped like a bass guitar. And another one of my friends decorated his girlfriend's birthday cake with flower petals. Well, they're inedible, but still, sweet. :D

D'you have any other ideas for birthday cakes? Do let me know. :)


Current Obsessions : Vlogs.

I've been subscribing to many awesome people who Vlogs (vlogging = video-blogging) on Youtube, including this girl named Ingrid. I think she's funny, entertaining, and inspiring in some ways.

She actually makes me wanna start a vlog someday. What d'you think? :)


Do people still blog nowadays? :)

I can't believe it's been.. 5 months since I've posted anything on this blog. :D
One of the main reason was that, to be honest, most of the time I prefer writing stuffs in Twitter (please don't kill me, Blogspot :P) But I do miss blogging at some point, so here I am, logged out of UberSocial, and in front of my MacBook again.

Many things have changed during that 5 months period of time.
I graduated from med school (finally officially a Physician!),
packed my bags and moved back to my parent's house in Jakarta,
spend New Year's Eve playing TONS of games with cousins,
had an amazing Birthday (I'll get back to that later),
and made a bunch of new plans and goals.

In case you're curious, here's a glimpse of my Graduation, which happened on October and November of 2011. (:

Graduating was a bittersweet experience. So glad that school's over, yet so hard to say goodbye to everything I've known and attached to these past 6 years.

Yeah.. Life is full of twists. But that's what makes it an interesting journey. Right? (:


Tess, MD.